Now, more than ever, is the time to protect your family with home solar and batteries.

From California to New York, a growing number of states are fighting the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) with far-reaching shelter in place orders.1 Since the safest place for Americans to be is at home, they will be using and relying on more daytime energy than they did before. This raises the possibility of an overloaded grid that’s more susceptible to blackouts.2 Unfortunately, we are also gearing up for wildfire and hurricane seasons, which are only getting worse.3 Controlling your home energy is more important than ever before.

Get The Certainty You Need

With predictable, low rates for 25 years, home solar and batteries provides both financial and emotional peace of mind. Comparatively, utility rate structures are much less straightforward and reliable. What you are paying the utility today is likely not what you will be paying them next year. Sunrun offers transparent, upfront pricing.

Make The Best Financial Choices

The economy is less stable today than it was just a few weeks ago. Getting home solar can be the right decision for many people. They may pay less per kilowatt-hour for clean, homegrown solar power than what they would otherwise when buying electricity from their utility company. Additionally, people can use their home solar and battery systems to gain financial benefit through net metering.

Protect Your Home And Family

The last thing people need to worry about right now is a power blackout. Unfortunately, we are gearing up for wildfire and hurricane seasons and they could easily hit in the midst of this outbreak. Today, the U.S. Forest Service is canceling prescribed burns across the West, potentially making the upcoming fire season worse.5


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