Why a Whole-Home Energy Solution Is Even Better Than Solar

Solar panels come with lots of great benefits. With solar, you can save money on your energy bills. If you purchase your solar panels instead of leasing them, you’ll realize an outstanding return on your investment over time. Purchasing solar panels can even add value to your home. But there are a couple of things that solar panels just can’t do. They can’t automatically make your home more comfortable. And they can’t add beauty to your home. To create a comfortable, beautiful home and save money on your power bills, you need a whole-home energy solution. And that may include new vinyl windows, extra insulation, and solar attic fans.

The Benefits of a Whole-Home Energy Solution

Most people decide to add solar panels to their home because they’re tired of paying hundreds of dollars a year to the utility company. Solar panels definitely solve that problem. But here’s the thing: Simply installing solar panels won’t solve the underlying issue. To truly get comfortable in your home, you need to figure out why your utility bill is so high in the first place. Then, you can address the issue with a whole-home energy solution.

Now, you may be thinking, “Why do I need a whole-home energy solution? If I install solar and I don’t have to pay SDG&E anymore, I’ll just run my air conditioning all summer long and I’ll crank up the heat in the winter. Of course my home will be comfortable!”

If you have a brand-new home, you may be right. You’ve got plenty of insulation and a tight thermal envelope to keep inside temperatures cool in the summer and toasty in the winter.

If you live in an older home, though, you could blast the A/C at 64 degrees, and certain rooms might still feel too hot this summer. Often, the problem lies with inefficient windows or insufficient insulation. If you have single-pane aluminum windows or an uninsulated attic, your A/C is actually seeping out of your home, not staying inside to keep you nice and cool. In the winter, you’ll see the opposite problem. Some rooms might be drafty and chilly, no matter how high you set your thermostat.

What Happens Without a Whole-Home Energy Solution

Here’s an example: Last year, we installed solar panels for a customer whose utility bill averaged out to about $500 each month. That’s $6,000 a year! We offered him a whole-home energy consultation, but at that time, he thought solar was all he needed. So, we put in a pretty large system, and the customer was thrilled because his energy bill went from $500 a month to zero.

This summer, the customer called us back. He told us that he loved having solar, but the second story was still too hot, even with the air conditioner running all the time. “How can I make it 10 degrees cooler upstairs?” he asked. We identified the uninsulated attic as the problem, so we’re now adding insulation to make his home more comfortable all year round. We’re also adding two solar fans for outtake venting, plus 10 low-profile lower vents for intake ventilation. Ventilation and insulation work hand in hand to keep your home cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.

How a Whole-Home Energy Solution Saves You More Money

This example illustrates why a whole-home energy solution is essential. When customers give us the go-ahead on an energy consultation, that allows us to identify and correct any issues with the home’s thermal envelope before we start installing solar panels. We can replace outdated A/C units, upgrade inefficient heat pumps, add energy-efficient windows, increase insulation—whatever it takes to upgrade your home’s efficiency and ensure a tight thermal envelope.

When we make all of those changes prior to installing solar panels, we can help you save even more money. We offer bundle discounts on whole-home energy solutions, and sometimes, we can even install fewer solar panels and get your energy bill down to zero. It’s a win-win.

Best of all, we offer whole-home energy consultations at absolutely no charge to you. We’ll come out to take a look at your home and help you identify your current and future energy needs. Then we’ll come up with a solution that’s customized for your needs and designed to save you the most money possible.

Don’t wait until the next big heat wave. Contact us to get started on a whole-home energy solution right away.



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