Some of the major players in the solar industry—let’s call them Big Solar—will give you a quote on a solar panel project based on what they can see of your property via Google Earth. Worse yet, some companies may tell you that your property can’t support solar, without ever visiting your home!

Here’s a little secret: Big Solar companies don’t spend a lot of time customizing solar plans for their customers. You’re likely to wind up with a cookie-cutter solution that the company has implemented hundreds of times.

While there’s nothing wrong with that approach, exactly, it means you won’t get a solution that’s tailored to the way you live. And if there’s no straightforward way to install the solar panels, Big Solar may not want to work with you.

At RC Energy Solutions, we take a different approach. We always start with an in-person consultation. In fact, we ask for a copy of your current power bill when you call to set up your free consultation. That way, we can analyze it before we even meet in person.

The Power of an In-Person Consultation

At the consultation, we’ll make some suggestions that we think will work for you. We take the time to get you know you and understand your goals so we can develop a plan that suits your lifestyle—and your budget.

Solar panels are often part of the mix, but in many cases, we come up with ways to reduce your use before installing solar panels. Why? Because we’re more than a solar company. We specialize in whole-home energy efficiency.

We recently met with a potential client who had gotten a quote from a big solar energy company. He was told that an 8.5 Kw system would cost him $45,000. When we met with the client, we assessed his overall energy use and suggested several improvements to help him save on his power bill, even before solar panels were installed. We proposed replacing the outdated air handler and heat pump, adding insulation, and replacing nine windows and one patio door. We also outlined a plan for a 5.120 Kw system. Our proposal came in at $43,337. The customer would pay less for the project and get more for his money. So, he decided to sign with us.

We won over another customer with our in-person consultation, as well. A Big Solar service rep reviewed her property on Google Earth and decided that solar panels weren’t viable—even though no one from that company ever saw her property in person. But we’re always willing to meet with potential customers, and we pride ourselves on our creative thinking. In this case, we were able to develop a plan to install 17 solar panels, which greatly reduced the customer’s power bill.

It’s Smart to Get a Second Opinion

If you’ve been told by Big Solar that you have to install a large number of solar panels in order to eliminate your utility payments, give us a call. We may be able to reduce your utility bill with energy-efficient home improvements before we even draw up a plan for your solar panel project. And the lower your power bill is at the beginning, the fewer solar panels you’ll have to purchase to zero it out.

Maybe Big Solar has told you that solar just won’t work on your property. But don’t just take their work for it! It’s possible that a little creative thinking can solve the problem. We’d be happy to come out and assess the situation, and we love taking on challenging projects.

Make an Informed Decision

Our free, in-person consultations are designed to be informative, and there’s never any pressure to make a purchase or sign an agreement right away. We give you the opportunity to ask lots of questions. This is your home we’re talking about, so we don’t rush you to make a decision. We want to create a solution that makes you comfortable.

Of course, we hope you decide to work with us. When you do, our commitment to customer service continues to shine. We use products from the most trusted brands in the industry, backed by outstanding warranties. We deliver a carefully planned solution with all the necessary engineering and site design, and we’ll help you take advantage of any available rebates and incentives.

Ready to learn how RC Energy Solutions can help you cut back on your utility bills while increasing the comfort and beauty of your home? Contact us today to set up your no-hassle consultation.

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