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Solar panels are the best way to save on energy costs in San Diego, CA, but how much do you need? Probably the most important aspect of designing your home’s solar power system is to ensure you are able to produce enough power to be self sufficient and eliminate your electric bill.

With that in mind, It’s a good idea to avoid spending more than necessary to produce the power you need. Many factors can affect this like available roof space and the average amount of sunlight at your home. If space and sunlight are scarce, then you will need a high performing panel. If you have plenty of space and sunlight, then you can save by choosing a lower cost solar panel.

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The Roof Inspection: Get One Before Installing Solar Panels

It’s possible that you’ve never considered a roof inspection. In fact, you may not give your roof much thought at all unless it starts to leak or the tiles or shingles are cracked or damaged. However, if you’re thinking about installing solar panels, you must pay close attention to your roof....

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Electricity Rates Are Rising for SDG&E Customers

Electricity Rates Are Rising for SDG&E Customers

Starting in 2015, SDG&E began consolidating its rate tiers in accordance with the approved structure from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). According to SDG&E, “The consolidation is necessary to make rates more fair and equitable among all...

Do Solar Panels Add Value to Your Home? You Asked, We Answered

Do Solar Panels Add Value to Your Home? You Asked, We Answered

Do solar panels add value to your home? Let’s be honest: It’s not the first question people ask when they think about making the switch to solar. Instead, most people decide to add solar panels to their home because they’re tired of paying hundreds of dollars to the...

NEM 2.0: It’s Here!

NEM 2.0: It’s Here!

Over the past six months, we’ve talked a lot about net energy metering (NEM), and how the new NEM 2.0 regulations would affect solar panel customers. What Is NEM, Exactly? Here’s a brief refresher: NEM is the term for the billing arrangement where customers with solar...

Do I Qualify for Solar Panels? You Asked, We Answered

Do I Qualify for Solar Panels? You Asked, We Answered

Most of our customers decide to install solar panels so they can save money on their power bill. But they almost always ask one question first: “Do I qualify for solar panels?” Virtually any homeowner can have solar panels installed—as long as the homeowner hires a...

Selling a House with Leased Solar Panels: How It Works

Selling a House with Leased Solar Panels: How It Works

We’ve seen it time and again—some people opt to lease their solar panels because they think the upfront costs will be lower. But when it comes to selling a house with leased solar panels, any initial savings pale in comparison to potential difficulties that can arise...

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