A better solar panel cost calculator.

It's easy and free.

The closest you can get to a real price estimate.

We use kilowatt hours (kWh) for better accuracy.

Most solar calculators ask for your average electric bill and from there attempt to calculate your required system size. This can be very inaccurate especially since your installer will use the actual kilowatt hours (kWh) from your bill to do their own calculations. Our calculator is different because it uses kWh to calculate system size just like the professionals.

Instant solar system pricing with our online quote.

Most solar cost calculators don’t actually give you a price estimate, they give you a savings estimate. This is also very inaccurate considering all of the factors that influence actual savings. Our calculator gives you real pricing estimates based on our proprietary solar system size calculator. Get a real price, so you know your actual costs.

Find out how much it will cost to add solar to your home.

Use the Daily Average kWh from your electric bill. For a quick tutorial, check out the short video above.

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Find the right home energy solution.

The experts at RC Energy Solutions will carefully evaluate your home energy use before customizing a home energy solution that works with your lifestyle—and your budget.

Plan a professional installation.

We’ll provide you with the complete engineering, site design, and technical planning necessary to deliver your home energy solution.

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Flexible Payment Options

RC Energy Solutions is well versed in PACE financing and is an approved and licensed contractor with all PACE programs, including HERO and Ygrene Works—two of the most popular programs in Southern California.

No money down.


Financing as low as:


california first energy financing
hero energy financing
ygrene works energy financing

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