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Generate your own solar energy.
Become less reliant on utility companies.
Our solar offerings save you money!


Work with a roofing contractor
that gives you options.
This is the roof over your family’s head, after all.


Generate your own energy!

Solar Package A

Ample light and space
  • A low cost solar panel can be the best option when there is plenty of space and sunshine.
  • Quality solar panels like Canadian Solar are great, especially when you’re on a tight budget.
  • We package these panels with SMA Inverters for optimal performance.

Solar Package B

Suitable for most applications
  • Our mid-range option is designed to provide superior quality at a great price.
  • Brands like Solar World offer outstanding performance and the best value in most applications.
  • Packaged with Enphase inverters for maximum efficiency.

Solar Package C

Limited light and space
  • When low space or sunlight is a consideration you need a high efficiency panel.
  • You may also need to achieve a certain look. We build you the system you need with premium panels like Panasonic HIT.
  • Packaged with Solar Edge inverters.

Rechargeable Battery System

Control your energy and savings!

Our battery backup systems save you money by seamlessly optimizing whether your home uses electricity generated from solar, stored in the battery or from the grid.

A better solar panel cost calculator

The closest you can get to a real price estimate!

We use kilowatt hours (kWh) for better accuracy.

Most solar calculators ask for your average electric bill and from there attempt to calculate your required system size. This can be very inaccurate especially since your installer will use the actual kilowatt hours (kWh) from your bill to do their own calculations. Our calculator is different because it uses kWh to calculate system size just like the professionals.

Instant solar system pricing with our online quote.

Most solar cost calculators don’t actually give you a price estimate, they give you a savings estimate. This is also very inaccurate considering all of the factors that influence actual savings. Our calculator gives you real pricing estimates based on our proprietary solar system size calculator. Get a real price, so you know your actual costs.

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See the difference a new roof makes!

With so many roofing styles and colors to choose from, you’ll find that adding a tile roof to your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to update its look and increase its value. We install tile roofing systems from Boral to ensure the best look and performance.


Clay Tiles
  • Premium, all-natural material to last a lifetime
  • Unsurpassed beauty wont fade over time
  • Truly sustainable roof solution


Concrete Tiles
  • Affordable without compromising curb appeal
  • Energy efficient, saves on energy bills
  • Slate, Shake, Spanish Mission styles and more


A Higher Standard
  • Underlayments provide a secondary level of protection
  • High performance battens for positive tile anchoring
  • High integrity flashing for optimal performance

Work with a roofing contractor who gives you options

This is the roof over your family’s head, after all.

An experienced roofing contractor will professionally assess your structural needs, answer your questions, and help you choose the right type of roof, from tiles or shingles, for your home. With a project as large as replacing roofing, selecting the right company for the task is important and can make the difference in an easy and good looking install. RC Solar and Roofing’s team is recognized as a Certified Roofing Installer by its manufacturers. This ensures you will get roofing with outstanding workmanship, upgraded warranties, and competitive pricing.


Our high definition architectural shingles are the heaviest, thickest, and longest lasting shingles in the industry being up to 32% thicker than your typical standard shingles. We install the Owens Corning asphalt roofing system, delivering the highest quality shingle roof available.

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Find the right home energy solution.

The experts at RC Solar and Roofing will carefully evaluate your home energy use before customizing a home energy solution that works with your lifestyle—and your budget.

Plan a professional installation.

We’ll provide you with the complete engineering, site design, and technical planning necessary to deliver your home energy solution.

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