When people talk about how solar improved their home value, they are referring to ownership.  Owning a solar energy system is a property asset, so it adds value to your home, while giving you the ongoing benefit of regularly saving on your utility bills.  When you buy a solar installation, you can personally choose the high quality, low maintenance system that will serve your needs.  At RC Energy Solutions, for example, we only offer the most reliable solar installations, with the best product and labor warranties in the industry to protect your purchase for the long term.

When you lease, you do not actually own the system, meaning you don’t get the full advantages– no increased property value and none of the financial/tax perks.

For these reasons, RC Energy exclusively sells solar energy systems. We do not lease them.

By contrast, a solar lease is just that – a lease.  Someone else owns the system (which you don’t select) and you then pay to use it.  Remember: when you lease, the leasing company’s incentive is to maximize their own savings, not yours, so they may minimize their own equipment and installation costs.  The benefits of a lease begin and end with some energy bill savings.  Some residents find a solar lease to be a burden because the leases are extensive – they typically run 20-25 years, which can create a problem when you want to sell your home and the new buyer doesn’t want to inherit that cost.  Also lease payments may increase over time.

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