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Solar Energy: What You Need to Know

[fusion_text]Solar energy offers some very big benefits—it gives you the opportunity to reduce, or even eliminate, your power bill, take advantage of tax credits, and make use of a clean energy source. Once you’ve decided to explore a solar solution for your home,...

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The Benefits of Solar Solutions

Homeowners across the country are adding solar installations, and people in San Diego can especially benefit. Here are some reasons why solar makes sense: LOW, CONSISTENT UTILITY BILLS.  Feel the relief of consistent electricity costs during a time when, according to...

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Leasing vs. Owning my solar panels

When people talk about how solar improved their home value, they are referring to ownership.  Owning a solar energy system is a property asset, so it adds value to your home, while giving you the ongoing benefit of regularly saving on your utility bills.  When you buy...

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Do You Need A New Roof?

How often do you look at your roof? Between running in and out of the house, shuttling the kids back and forth, you might glance up at the roof line only occasionally as you back out of the driveway. But inspecting your roof regularly and making little fixes as needed...

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Home Energy Saving Tips

Replace regular bulbs with CFLs or LEDs Lighting can be up to 20% of your home’s energy use. Compact fluorescent lamps CFLs) or LEDs provide the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs using less energy. CFLs use up to 75 percent less energy than incandescents, can...

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