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NEM 2.0: It’s Here!

Over the past six months, we’ve talked a lot about net energy metering (NEM), and how the new NEM 2.0 regulations would affect solar panel customers. What Is NEM, Exactly? Here’s a brief refresher: NEM is the term for the billing arrangement where customers with solar...

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Do I Qualify for Solar Panels? You Asked, We Answered

Most of our customers decide to install solar panels so they can save money on their power bill. But they almost always ask one question first: “Do I qualify for solar panels?” Virtually any homeowner can have solar panels installed—as long as the homeowner hires a...

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Selling a House with Leased Solar Panels: How It Works

We’ve seen it time and again—some people opt to lease their solar panels because they think the upfront costs will be lower. But when it comes to selling a house with leased solar panels, any initial savings pale in comparison to potential difficulties that can arise...

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Options for Solar Financing in San Diego

When you purchase a solar panel system, you’ll save money on your power bill for years to come. You may even be able to get your bill down to zero. And as an added bonus, you’ll be tapping in to clean, renewable energy. But some homeowners haven’t made the switch to...

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Insulation for Energy Efficiency

Feeling a little chilly indoors? You could just crank up the heat, but that would also crank up your energy bill. The smart play is to examine areas where your home is losing heat and beef up the insulation in those spots. It’s all part of creating a well-sealed...

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Vinyl Replacement Windows are Perfect For San Diego

Imagine it’s a blustery autumn evening in San Diego and you’re enjoying a quiet evening at home when you feel a draft. What are your options? Shiver in silence Put on a sweater Turn up the heat In fact, you have a fourth option: Find the cause of the draft and fix it....

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What Shorter Days Mean for Solar Panel Systems

Solar panel systems generate power all year round, but they're more efficient at some times than at others. Here in Southern California, the weather is still warm and the sun is still shining, but the days are getting shorter and shorter. Time to Fall Back We set the...

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We’re Award Winners!

RC Energy Solutions is honored to be recognized as a 2015 Best Business of San Marcos in the Solar Installation category. We thank the Best Businesses of San Marcos Award Program for the award. We're proud to play a role in "making the San Marcos area a great place to...

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Why Net Energy Metering Matters

In our last post, we explored the pros and cons of buying your solar panels instead of renting. Buying a solar panel system allows you to save even more money on your power bill than you would by leasing. And some of these additional savings come from a practice known...

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