Energy companies are doing better than ever. Our bills are climbing, and every time you open your rising electricity bill, you probably wonder what they know that you don’t. Well… here are some facts you might find interesting:

1) You are paying too much for energy. What! But everyone pays for energy, you think? Not so. If you generate your own electricity using solar, you can breakup your utility bill for good. Some
customers find that they save up to 100% savings on their monthly electricity bill by using solar electricity.
2) The price of solar installations is now lower than ever. When solar electric technology first came to the market for residential homes, the price tag was higher than most people could afford. This has dropped considerably. There are extremely low cost options available to begin collecting solar energy for your own use now.
3) You can afford a quality solar installment easily. With structured payment plans, solar energy has become a very easy and affordable option for families, and one that quickly pays for itself.
4) You can fire your utility company and still use electricity! Energy companies have long enjoyed a monopoly in our minds as the only way we can access the electricity we need to live our daily lives. Not true! Solar installations allow you to collect energy, helping you create your own independent source of energy. It’s not about avoiding using electricity; it’s about where you source it.
5) The changes you make to lower your home’s energy bills will raise your home value & pay back in multiples when it’s time to sell. If you do home improvements to save on electricity in your home, you can increase your home value. How much? Consider this: $20 more property value for every $1 spent, says the Appraisal Institute! These changes could include solar installations, thermally efficient windows or doors, smarter paint and roofing, and other exterior options.

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