1. Energy prices are on the rise- and your energy company would love for it to stay that way! Oh, you didn’t think it could get worse? Wrong! Electricity rates are climbing higher and higher. The busier and more connected our lives get, the more we’re plugging in and using electricity, so demand is on the up and up. To give our own local example, San Diego area electric companies have raised rates an average of 6-7% per year over the last 30 years. Don’t do the math – trust us, it’ll make you mad. But think about it: an energy company’s job is to make a profit, not to find you ways to save money.
  2. Using solar energy isn’t just for hippies. Energy companies would like you to believe that going solar is a hippie move, and has to be part of a big statement on going green. Now that people are realizing the money they can save with solar, they are doing what’s right for their budget… and just happens to be great for the planet, too. You can now see solar installations across the highest tech buildings, gorgeous multi-million dollar homes, or little cottages.
  3. There are little ways you could be saving money on energy bills, but aren’t. Are your walls insulated? Is your roof protected? Is heat and cooled air passing through unsecured doors and windows? Is the paint on your house protecting you from overheating it? These are very minor but important home improvements that can immediately help regulate the temperature of your house. We flip on the heat or air conditioning when the temperature of our home isn’t to our liking. If you address the problem at its root, you won’t be tinkering with the thermostat so regularly.
  4. Some people would like to pay you for moving away from traditional utilities. What, you thought you just pay and pay? No! In fact, the government rewards you for making an effort to reduce your energy bills. There are many incentives and tax credits to consider; some of them amount to 50% of your solar installation cost (!), depending on where you live.
  5. One call can change your energy bill. Have a home energy evaluation. You are likely to find at least one area of improvement for your home that can be done cost-effectively and get you started saving money instantly.

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